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Hi, it’s Velislav Kasamov. I am a licensed tour guide and mountain leader with 20 years experience on the field of tourism in Bulgaria. I graduated from the University of Plovdiv with a masters degree in “Social and cultural activities in tourism”.

My registrations at the Ministry of tourism are ID Е-00568 and ID B-00007.

I was born and raised in Rhodope Mountains, then I moved to Plovdiv for my university education and fell in love with this charming city.

The tours I am offering are inspired by the unique geographic, anthropological and natural assets of Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountains.

Plovdiv City Tour

The villages, the people, the vistas, fresh mountain water springs, gorges, caves, forests, rocks, meadows peaks, hot mineral water and the natural negative ionization of the air add up to the benefits from the tours.

The possibilities for sightseeing, hiking, road cycling and mountain biking are endless.

The itineraries combine, culture, history, outdoor activities, stunning panoramic views, amazing natural sights and even hot mineral pools in a well-organized and balanced way, suitable for a wide range of travelers.

Localite Tour is a way to express my personal views of travel & tourism. As a traveler myself, relying on professional experience to bring up products which are complex, interesting and satisfactory.

Relying on rich background and experience in different aspects of the tourism field and Bulgaria’s most valuable assets I aim to deliver tours and services of great value and benefits any traveler.

The tours are well suited for single travelers and small groups, allowing better service, more personal approach and flexibility for customization.

Join me on a beautiful journey and let’s together, add life to our day!

Rhodope Mountains Private Hiking Tour

Localite Tour Principle

We value your time and we’ll make it worthwhile!

I am in love with the nature, culture and history of Bulgaria. My knowledge, proficiency and flexibility are at your disposal and are also a key to great products, services and feedback.

Let’s create unique experiences and beautiful memories.