Tourists at Trigrad gorge on the way to the Devil's throat tour

Devil’s Throat Cave Tour – Entering the Underground Kingdom

The Devil’s throat cave – a legend, a hero, a journey

The Devil’s throat tour will take us on a mystical tour tour to a cave. One of those that inspired people’s imagination since the dawn of times. Birthplace of unbelievable poetic images, symbolizing fear and admiration.

In the legends very often the cave appears as part of the hero’s journey outside of the society to the unknown. And very often a cave is the entrance to another world, a place of death beyond the realm of the living.

Situated somewhere at the heart of the Rhodope mountains, deep in a fascinating gorge named the Trigrad gorge after the village found nearby. As there is the belief that through this same cave the legendary Thracian mystic Orpheus has found his way into the underground kingdom of Hades.

Nature’s creations strengthen the experience

When we approach the cave, enchanted by the winding mountain paths, surrounded by tall pine forests, deep river valleys and lovely small villages, we do not expect such a dramatic change of scenery. And it turns out that surprises are yet to come. The valley of the river recedes deeper and the surrounding hills sharply begin to grow like squeezed by a huge hand playing with the rocks like soft clay. The cliffs stretched to such an extremity as if by surprise for the trees, which had rooted themselves in the sheer cliffs in an attempt to stay in place.

The road narrows more and more. The rocks on either side approach, as if it were an effect of an optical illusion. Our senses sharpen by the feeling that the whole mountain is leaning over us. Just as in legends the mythical creatures obstruct the hero’s path to frighten him and distract him from the purpose of his magical journey. So is the feeling as if the monster whose hand stretches the boundaries of the world in an attempt to stop us from finding the entrance to the mysterious world.

Between reality and imagination

Just like the characters in the legends, we overcome the original fear, continue on our journey. Emotions shifts from awe to aesthetic enjoyment and admiration. We find that it is not threatening, but rather a quiet and soothing like an embrace, is what nature has created for the daring to absorb through the narrows.

And just then, at the foot of the cliffs, the entrance to the Devil’s Throat shows. But nothing foretells what the small opening in the rocks hides.

Down the Devil’s throat

A low gallery takes us deep into the depths of the rocks. Very soon we tremble again, sensing the titanic rumble coming from the underground. A growl as if the Devil himself is warning us about approaching the threshold to a world completely different to the one of the life-sustaining light on the surface.

And if that is not enough to get us back out of the way, the very image of the Devil appears before us, as a last-ditch attempt to keep the mystery of the portal beyond.

Continuing further we find ourselves in a huge hall, dissolved like a giant throat of a mythical beast. Swallowing up the 40-meter waterfall with ease and taking the waters and all that they carry even deeper. It remains for us to marvel at the creations of mother earth. Our imagination is swirled by the sight. Our feelings enriched by the ancient legend of Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice.

Back to the light

But the adventure is not over yet. For us, the last hurdle is to return to the world of the living again. Climbing the staircase along the underground waterfall adds to and completes the mystical experience. Contributing to our inner sense of achievement and completion. As well as purification of the initial awe inspiring emotions. Going back to the surface is filled with pleasure and the joy of the light-scorched rocks and stormy river is more palpable than before.